Group 11

Autonomous regionComunidad Foral de Navarra
Fundación Miguel Servet
Principal researcherBerta Ibáñez Beroiz
Group codeRD16/0001/0014
Contact address
Expertise areas
It is made up of members of the Navarrabiomed Methodology Unit, professionals from Osasunbidea, the Directorate General of Health, the Institute of Public Health of Navarre and the Public University of Navarre. Among its lines of research are:

• Variability in Medical Practice (MPV) and evaluation of chronicity care: adapting spatial and temporal variability methodology developed in the area of “disease mapping” for use in MPV.
• Geographic and socioeconomic inequalities in health: From a population perspective and based on official records such as mortality and cancer incidence, the prevalence and evolution of the different chronic diseases with the highest morbidity and mortality burden are monitored, and the impact of the different geographic, socioeconomic and environmental health determinants on them is analyzed.
• Development of predictive models based on the use of clinical-administrative databases-Real World Data
• Quality management and patient safety. Studies that analyze the usefulness of the implementation of the Surgical Verification List (LVQ) in terms of reduction of complications, with exhaustive review of clinical histories, analysis of the CMBD, modeling for the adjustment of patient risk and analysis of the opinion of all the professionals who attend surgical patients.
• Pharmacoepidemiology. Based on the Database for Pharmacoepidemiological Research in Primary Care (BIFAP), or Osansubidea’s own sources, the group is evaluating the effect of the use of different drugs on the evolution of chronic patients, such as the different oral antidiabetic treatments, antiosteoporotics, anticoagulants. Likewise, the group is collaborating with the Cochrane Hypertension Group of Vancouver (Canada), through the implementation of Cochrane systematic reviews.

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