Group 12

Autonomous regionComunidad Valenciana
CenterFISABIO Salud Pública
Principal researcherIsabel Hurtado Navarro
Group codeRD16/0001/0011
Expertise areasGeneralitat into the Foundation for the Promotion of Health and Biomedical Research in the Valencian Community (FISABIO).

The Health Services Research Area of FISABIO maintains lines of research in different areas (variations in medical practice, chronicity, quality of healthcare, effectiveness of treatments and interventions, etc.), using different designs (from clinical trials to observational studies with “real world data” and economic evaluations) and different analytical methods, with the central objective of evaluating the efficacy, effectiveness and efficiency of medicines, technologies and healthcare interventions, as well as the quality of healthcare organizations.

In recent years, a special effort has been made to build cohorts using real clinical practice data (obtained from electronic medical records, prescription systems, health records, etc.) that make it possible to describe the variability and inadequacy in the use of treatments and health services, as well as to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of different medicines or the impact of certain health policy and management interventions.  Cohorts currently being monitored include:
• PREV2CI Cohort (Secondary Prevention of Ischemic Heart Disease).
• PREV2FO Cohort (Osteoporotic Fracture Secondary Prevention).
• ESOSVal Cohort (EStudio OSteoporosis Comunidad Valenciana).
• NVAF-CV Cohort (Non-Valvular Atrial Fibrilation Comunidad Valenciana). iana).
• PSYCHADH Cohort (Population cohort of patients diagnosed with schizophrenia)
• OPIOIDS-CV Cohort (Population cohort of patients in treatment with opioids).
• ASTHMA-CV cohort (population cohort of patients with an asthmatic exacerbation)
In the field of independent clinical trials, the following studies are noteworthy:
• Impact of self-measurement of blood pressure and self-adjustment of antihypertensive medication on blood pressure control and adherence to treatment (ADAMPA study).
• GeCHRONIC study.

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