Group 5

Autonomous regionCataluña
CenterAgencia de Calidad y Evaluación Sanitarias de Cataluña
Principal researcher
Mireia Espallargues Carreras
Group codeRD16/0001/0010
Expertise areas
• Evaluation, by means of indicators, of the quality of care for chronic patients, both from a population point of view and from more micro experiences; and both from the point of view of the different care services or devices (vertical integration) and from the view of the integration of care services (at the level of health and social services, or horizontal integration). In the first case, we base ourselves on the analysis of basic health areas in the Catalan territory with and without experiences of attention to chronicity with the objective of carrying out performance analysis of these and establishing benchmarking. In the second case, a consensus is being reached on which indicators would help to describe the orientation of the centres towards chronic care, based on the experience of the hospitals linked to our group or other centres with which we collaborate. This allows us to detect strengths and weaknesses that help to improve the design of programs, interventions and policies oriented to chronic patient care.
• Identification and description of unjustified variations in the care provided to patients with chronic diseases, through the creation of the Atlas of Variability of Medical Practice of the NHS in collaboration with other groups and with the development of the Atlas of Variations and quality of SISCAT specific to Catalonia.
• Evaluation of health technologies and services in chronic diseases, including evaluation of interventions, programs or policies based on e-Health.

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