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REDISSEC for five more years

What REDISSEC has done until now and what REDISSEC will do the next five years.

The Research Network on Health Services in Chronic Diseases (REDISSEC) has a short history that started in 2013, when its constitution was approved by the Carlos III Health Institute. Although it was composed of groups that already shared some work in common of previous experiences of collaboration in the extinct IRYSS network and in the CIBER of Epidemiology and Public Health (CIBERESP), this was the first time we had to network all of us.

These first four years have been intense trying to create the framework of a network with the spirit of answering relevant questions that on the scope of research in health services are raised within our National Health System (SNS), while contributing To introduce innovations in the day to day of the clinical practice, it diffuses its knowledge among all those interested in our work and forms its own investigators.

From my point of view, as a scientific coordinator of the Network, the balance of these first four years has been extremely positive. Links have been established between the 14 research groups that make up the network, which have resulted in the development of more than 140 projects and 506 publications with REDISSEC on the Web of Science on "Characterization of Chronicity, Impact of Interventions, Performance Evaluation, Development and Evaluation of Health Policy Strategies ", the title of which was our only scientific program in this first stage. It has participated actively in various conferences and congresses and a program of mobility between researchers has been implemented along with a program of training of our young researchers in a university diploma.

This year 2017 saw the renewal of the Network for another five years, which coincided with a recovery of the economic crisis with the consequent impact on the downward financing of the Network. Our only scientific program has been split into two, Incorporating a second program on clinical effectiveness.

We started this second phase with the illusion of stabilizing our network and being able to assume new challenges that involve much more ambitious collaborations among all our groups and a greater diffusion and impact of our work.

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