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  1. Synergy group

    REDISSEC is a new research structure that brings together 14 research groups and about 120 researchers with previous experience in collaborative research. REDISSEC structure is defined by two main components: the research groups involved with their strengths and current research activities, and the research program which will run between 2013 and 2016. Most groups are clearly multidisciplinary and have developed different scientific strengths and research lines with little overlapping.
    Besides, the diversity of institutions supporting these research groups expands the perspective of analyses and offers the possibility of improving both the selection of topics for research and the transfer of research products.

  2. General structure

    For the effective management of REDISSEC, an organization based in three macro levels is proposed. The strategic level will correspond to the General Assembly, which will be composed by the leaders of every research group, supported by an Advisory Board, which will provide scientific advice and strategic guidance. The executive level will be represented by the Steering Committee supported by the Project Management Team, the Scientific & Ethics Committee, the Innovation, Transfer & Implementation Committee and the External Relationship Committee. At an operational level, three different programmes will be developed, which will focus on “Operative Research”, “Education and Training”, and “Research Methods Development”.

  3. Functional structure

    The networking activity and the expected outputs and outcomes that the REDISSEC WPs will deliver will be based on a set of on-going cooperative research projects as well as on new research proposals to be submitted both to Health Institute Carlos III and the EU Commission.

    This functional structure will be reinforced, during 2013-2016, by the design of new cooperative, multidisciplinary, comprehensive research proposals.

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