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Group Group 1

Group 1



Nodo: Andalucía


Agencia Pública Empresarial Sanitaria Costa del Sol


Maximino Redondo Bautista




Agencia Sanitaria Costa del Sol
Contact adress: Carretera de Cadiz K187 29600 Marbella
Telephone: 951-976620

The Agencia Sanitaria Costa del Sol has 14 researchers including biostatisticians, mathematicians, specialist in preventive medicine and public health, and other medical specialities It includes the Cancer Registry Unit. 9 researchers belong to the Agencia Sanitaria Costa del Sol, and 5 belong to other institutions from Andalucía. The group is led by Dr. Maximino Redondo (MD, PhD) and its research expertise focuses on the following areas: development of predictive models, equity in the distribution of health care and prognostic value of diagnostic delays. The group has cooperated in common projects with 8 groups included in this network: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 13, 14. In the last 4 years the group has published 136 papers, 112 of them with IF, has participated in 21 research projects as leaders, and has developed 3 transfer products.

Most relevant publications: 1) Aguilar M, Rivas F, De Troya M,  et al. Comparative epidemiological study of non-melanoma skin cancer between Spanish and north and central European residents on the Costa del Sol. J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol. 2012 Jan;26(1):41-7.  1Q; and 2) Redondo M, Rodrigo I, Pereda T, Funez R, Acebal M, Perea-Milla E, Jimenez E. Effects of emergency admission and delays on prognosis in patients with breast carcinoma. Supp Care Cancer 2009; 17: 595-599; Health Care Service Research 1Q (JCR 2009).

Two major projects: 1) The Importance of Assessing Organizational Psychosocial Risk Factors, Aspects of Welfare and Emotional Intelligence in Nursing Hospital: Implications for Quality of Working Life. Funded by Instituto de Salud Carlos III. 30250 €; and 2) Short and medium term risk factors for adverse outcomes and predictive modeling development, in patients with colon or rectal cancer. Multicenter-coordinated study IRYSS-CCR. Funded by Instituto de Salud Carlos III.  92565€.

Main transfer outputs: 1) Atlas of variation in medical practice (F Rivas, A Jiménez,MM Rodríguez). Available at:; and 2) Photoprotection campaign Costa del Sol Hospital 2009-2012 [M de Troya, F Rivas Ruiz].

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