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Group Group 12

Group 12


Comunidad Valenciana

Nodo: Valencia


Fundación para la Investigación del Hospital La Fe


Bernardo Valdivieso Martínez




Joint Research Unit in Biomedical Engineering - eRPSS (ICT applied to healthcare process re-engineering) Nodo-Valencia

Health Research Institute Hospital La Fe. Bulevar sur. C.P. 46026. Valencia

Bernardo Valdivieso Martínez. E-mail: +34 961245712


The group is co-leaded by Dr. Bernardo Valdivieso (MD, PhD), and Dr. Vicente Traver (Engineer, PhD), senior lecturer at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. This multidisciplinary group was born from the long-term collaboration between the two entities and is composed by 8 senior researchers. Additionally, the team includes more than 25 collaborators (junior researchers, technicians, assistants and students) and yearly hosts 2 international researchers. As a result of its trajectory the group has stable links with relevant entities: METRONIC, PHILIPS, VTT, Norwegian Centre for Telemedicine, AALTO University, ERASMUS University, HOPE, HARVARD, TAIWAN University, and FRAUNHOFER.

The scientific activity is focused in the reengineering of healthcare processes and the application of ICT for the management of chronic conditions. The group has more than 10 years of experience in international ehealth research and has participated in 30 European projects. From 2009, the group has participated in 18 competitive projects, leading 9 of them, and receiving more than 3M€funding, some of them in collaboration with groups involved in REDISSEC.  Currently, the group coordinates a chronic disease management service, deployed in the Health Department and integrated with the different care levels including a predictive tool to identify patients in risk of hospitalization. The group is participating in six clinical studies in the domain, (several multicentric and international), the most relevant being a clinical trial (GECHRONIC) involving 495 patients aiming at evaluating a comprehensive management technology platform.


 ICT application in health management, active ageing and chronicity 

 Assistential Quality and Healthcare Process Re-engineering

 Health Technologies Assessment and Intervention evaluation

 Knowledge management and transferability


ICT application in health management, active ageing and chronicity  
EIP-AHA: European Innovation Programme: Active and Healthy Ageing  Comisión Europea
HeartCycle - Compliance and efectiveness in HF and CHD closed-loop management Comisión Europea.
7º Programa Marco - ICT
Metabo - Controlling chronic diseases related to metabolic disorders Comisión Europea.
7º Programa Marco - ICT
¿Pueden las TIC ayudarnos a cuidar nuestra salud? Las posibilidades de las nuevas tecnologías para la prevención de enfermedades. El Médico. 16 - 20 (2012)
Improving care for people living with chronic diseases: Innovative examples from Spain.
International Journal of Healthcare Management. Volume 5, 2012
Impact of Semantic Technologies to Human Behavior Modeling - A Psychosocial Rationalization.  ICAART (1) 2012: 547-552
Assistential Quality and Healthcare Process Re-engineering

SPHERA BQ: improving indicators and eficciency in surgical units  INNPACTO
MOSAIC: Models and simulation techniques for discovering diabetes influence factors) Comisión Europea
Health Technologies Assessment and Intervention evaluation
GECHRONIC: Ensayo clínico para la evaluación del modelo de gestión integral de la enfermedad crónica apoyada en tecnologías de la información y comunicación Propia
HEARTWAYS: Advanced solutions for supporting cardiac patients in rehabilitation Comisión Europea
TECCU: Impacto clínico de la telemedicina en la enfermedad de crohn y la colitis ulcerosa AES ISCIII (FIS)
When the Social Meets the Semantic: Social Semantic Web or Web 2.5 Future Internet 4(3): 852-864 (2012)
Enabling Semantic Resources in the Cloud.  ICAART (1) 2012: 541-546
Knowledge management and transferability
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