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Group Group 14

Group 14


País Vasco

Nodo: País Vasco


Asociación Centro de Excelencia Internacional en Investigación sobre Cronicidad


José Mª Quintana López




PAÍS VASCO-NODE-COORDINATOR: Grupo de investigación en servicios de salud y cronicidad-Kronikgune I

Contact adress: Unidad de Investigación. Hospital Galdakao-Usansolo.
Bº Labeaga, s/n. 48960 Galdakao (Bizkaia)

The group called "Grupo de investigación en servicios de salud y cronicidad-Kronikgune I", is led by Dr. Jose Mª Quintana, and is constituted by 9 researchers: 5 physicians, 1 PhD in psychology, 1 PhD in mathematics, and 2 graduated in mathematics. 6 of them belong to Osakidetza-the Basque Health Service-, 2 to the University of the Basque Country and 1 to the University of Deusto. This group has been working for the last 20 years, in collaboration with other REDISSEC groups, in the health services research field, with these principal expertise areas: patient reported outcomes measurement; risk stratification and development of predictive models; biostatistical methods applied to health services research; and development, establishment and evaluation of information and communication technologies applied to chronic diseases. The scientific production of this research group from 2009 comprises: 80 papers, 73 of them with IF (33 in the first quartile; H parameter: 18); 20 projects, being the leaders in 12 of them; and 3 transfer products.

Two relevant papers are: 1) Garcia-Gutierrez S, Quintana JM, Barrio I, Bare M, Fernandez N, Vidal S, Gonzalez N, Lafuente I, Arteta E, Esteban C, Pulido E; The IRYSS-COPD Appropriateness Study (IRYSS-CAS) group. Application of appropriateness criteria for hospitalization in COPD exacerbation. Intern Emerg Med. 2013 Mar 19.; 2) Quintana JM, Aguirre U, Barrio I, Orive M, Garcia S, Escobar A. Outcomes after total hip replacement based on patients' baseline status: what results can be expected? Arthritis Care Res (Hoboken). 2012 Apr;64(4):563-72.

Two current mayor projects are: 1) Short and medium term risk factors for adverse outcomes and predictive modeling development, in patients with colon or rectal cancer. Multicenter-coordinated study. 2) Health services evaluation in patients with heart failure. ESS-IC Project. Subproject 6: Risk stratification and prognosis. Development of clinical prediction rules. 3) Medium term risk factors for adverse outcomes and predictive modeling in breast cancer patients.

Two main transfer products: 1) Patent: Colorrectal cancer registry. Number: BI-365-11.; 2) Patent: Evaluation of the appropriateness of admission in patients with COPD (version 2). Number: BI-364-11.

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