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Group Group 4

Group 4


Islas Canarias

Nodo: Canarias


Servicio de Evaluación y Planificación del Servicio Canario de Salud


Lilisbeth Perestelo Pérez





Contact telephone: 922684019

Dr.Serrano-Aguilar (MD,PhD,MPH) leads this research group at the Government of the Canary Islands responsible of the Regional Health Plan, Health Survey and Health Technology Assessment. The group counts with 12 researchers, is multidisciplinary (economists, epidemiologists, psychologists, sociologists, statistician), and combines strengths in quantitative and qualitative methods. Currently, the group is part of the Spanish Network for Health Technology Assessment. Previous cooperative research with groups 1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 13 and 14 of REDISSEC has been developed.
The main research lines are focused on costs of illness, health related quality of life, economic evaluations and patient empowerment in both common and rare chronic diseases. Assessment of telemedicine based services and of complex interventions to transfer new knowledge are emergent lines. Along 2009-2012 the group has participated in more than 40 projects (8 funded by the European Commission), leading 30 of them and receiving more than 5M€ of funding.
During this period the group has published 78 papers, 60 of them with IF. Most of the groups´ research findings are used to support decision making at regional and national level (HTA reports), some others have been used to develop new screening programs (RETISALUD) or even have been registered at the Spanish Intellectual Property Office (OCTAL).

Two relevant publications: 1) Trujillo-Martín MM, Serrano-Aguilar P, et al. Effectiveness and safety of treatments for degenerative ataxias: a systematic review. Mov Disord 2009 (IF:4,014); 2)Serrano-Aguilar P et al. Development and validation of a computer-aided diagnostic tool to screen for age-related macular degeneration by optical coherence tomography. BRIT J OPHTHALMOL 2012. (IF:2,934).

Two relevant research projects: 1) Social economic burden and health related quality of life in patients with rare diseases in Europe. A/101205. Funded by European Commission (2010-2013):1.205.022€; 2) Tertiary prevention in Type II Diabetes Mellitus in Canary Islands. Randomized clinical trial". ADE10/00032. ISCIII (2011-2014): 3.200.000€.

Transfer products: 1) Serrano Aguilar P. Guideline for designing, assessing and implementing telemedicine based services. Madrid: Plan Nacional para el SNS del MSC. 2009. SESCS Nº 2006/27; 2) Optical Coherence Tomography
Automatic Labeller (OCTAL)": Validated and registered software (TF-602-11) that classify automatically macular OCT images to screen for age related macular degeneration.

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