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Group Group 6

Group 6



Nodo: Cataluña


Corporació Parc Taulí


Maria Lluisa Baré Mañas




Name of group: Corporació Parc Taulí (Cataluña)
Contact address: Corporació Parc Taulí, s/n. 08208 - Sabadell
Telephone number: 93 745 82 45

Description of the group:

The group coordinated by Marisa Baré, brings together 6 professionals from 2 institutions (CORPORCIO PARC TAULI-Institut Universitari-UAB and University of Lleida) with different specialties: respiratory, nephrology, preventive medicine and public health, mathematics-economics, oncology, and statistics, including 5 PhD in their respective fields. 3 members are associate professors at the University.
It shares experience and collaborates with groups 1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 13 and 14 of this network. From 2009, the members of the group have led or collaborated in 20 publicly or privately funded healthcare research projects, most of which were nationwide, and published more than 35 research articles about healthcare services and chronic disease (gastric cancer, breast cancer, colon and rectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, COPD, asthma, and hypertension) in peer-reviewed journals with IF, including The Breast, J Clin Oncol, BMC Health Serv Res, Nephrol Dial Transplant, BMC Cancer, Hypertension, Clin Transl Oncol, Oncologyst, among others.

Main lines of research:
The group's experience in healthcare service research includes a) mathematical modeling in clinical research and public health, b) the evaluation of the appropriateness of use of healthcare services (hospitalization, respiratory day hospital, emergency department, c) the evaluation of the appropriateness of technologies (drugs or procedures) in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), surgical interventions, and health care departments, and d) the evaluation of clinical outcomes related to both preventive and curative interventions (oncologic surgery, breast cancer screening, COPD, kidney disease, and hypertension).

Projects / products:
- Baré M, Cabrol J, Real J et al. In-hospital mortality after stomach cancer Surgery in Spain and relationship with hospital volume of interventions. BMC Public Health 2009; 9:312 (IF: 2.364);
- Vilaprinyo E, Puig T, Rue M. Contribution of Early Detection and Adjuvant Treatments to Breast Cancer Mortality reduction in Catalunya, Sapin. PLoS ONE. 2012; 7(1) (IF: 4.411);
- Garcia-Gutierrez S, Quintana JM, Barrio I, Bare M, Fernandez N, Vidal S, Gonzalez N, Lafuente I, Arteta E, Esteban C, Pulido E; The IRYSS-COPD Appropriateness Study (IRYSS-CAS) group. Application of appropriateness criteria for hospitalization in COPD exacerbation. Intern Emerg Med. 2013; March (IF: 2,057);

- PS09/90441 Influence of the process, structure, and volume on short-term adverse effects in surgery for colon and rectal cancer.
- PS09/00805 Risk of short and medium term adverse events, and development of predictive models in patients with colorectal cancer.
- PI06/0326 Evaluation of the validity of appropriateness explicit criteria for the admission from hospital ED services on COPD exacerbations. Multicenter study.

- Registry of Colon and Rectal Cancer (REGISTER Nº: BI-365-11)

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