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Group Group 8

Group 8



Nodo: Cataluña


Fundación Avedis Donabedian


Carola Orrego Villagran




Fundación Avedis Donabedian
Provença, 293, pral.
08037 Barcelona
Tel. 932076608

FAD is a non-profit organisation linked to Autonomous University of Barcelona. (
The group, formed by a multidisciplinar team of 9 researchers, has over 20 years experience in research in the field of quality in health and social care.
Number of groups which FAD have joined research actions: 3.

FAD has been working around three main research lines:
1) Evaluation of quality, safety and error prevention in health care, including studies about impact of adverse events (surgical, anesthesia, nosocomial infection, etc) and evaluation of practice with clinical indicators.
2) Evaluation of quality of life and health services for disadvantaged people: studies involving qualitative and quantitative methods to identify determinants of patient involvement and participation, quality of life and satisfaction (mental disorders, minority groups, dependency).
3) Evaluation of the effectiveness of interventions and strategies for reducing variability of clinical practice. (Multicenter studies with multifaceted interventions addressed to evaluate changing provider behavior).
Since 2009 the group has participated in 42 research projects, in which in 35 of them a member of the group has been the PI. The budget amount for these projects is of 5.206.000 €. The group has participated in 5 projects funded by European Union (two as IP).
40 articles have been published in the last 4 years, 16 of them belonging to journals with impact factor.
The group has participated in 26 transfer products, including CPG, clinical indicators and tools.

Relevant articles:
Sunol R, Vallejo P, Thompson A, Lombarts MJ, Shaw CD, Klazinga N.. Qual Saf Health Care. 2009 Feb;18(Suppl 1):i62-i8.
Groene O, Mora N, Thompson A, Saez M, Casas M, Sunol R. BMC Health Serv Res. 2011;11:344.

Relevant research projects:
"Evaluation of the strategies of cancer in the National Health System" funds by National health Service, (352.212€)
"HANDOVER Project", funds by 7th European Framework. (2.549.000 €) Focus in continuity of care between primary and hospital care in patients with chronic diseases.

Relevant transfer products:
ePracNet:  "knowledge network for clinical excellence" based on a web platform with more than 1500 members, whose aim is facilitate implementation of evidence into the practice.

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