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REDISSEC will be developed around five research strategic areas or workpackages:

  1. Characterization of chronicity: chronic disease and chronic care. This area refers to the description of the chronicity phenomenon in Spain. Burden of disease, resources devoted to chronic care and associated costs will be typically addressed under this subject.

  2. Healthcare performance in chronic care. This area refers to the way healthcare providers or healthcare organizations provide services. The scope of this research area is providers / organizations´ quality of care comparison and benchmarking.

  3. Impact of interventions on chronic patients, caregivers and providers. The scope of this research area is to analyze the effect of interventions on those relevant subjects involved in decision making on chronic care.

  4. Development and assessment of health policy strategies. Chronicity-oriented or non-specific policies, at National or Regional level will be studied. The scope is the analysis of both intended and unintended consequences.

  5. Methodological innovation and “basic” research on the study of chronic care. The development, adaptation, validation and assessment of methods and techniques from others research fields will be another major area of research. Under this epigraph it might be included several research pathways:

    1. Development of practical tools

    2. Development, translation, and/or validation of outcomes measures

    3. Adaptation and development of statistical techniques and methods

    4. Dataset building and subsequent data-mining or algorithms tools development and/or ad hoc analytical tools.

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