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Comparative epidemiological study of non-melanoma skin cancer between Spanish and north and central European residents on the Costa del Sol

January 26, 2012

Aguilar Bernier M, Rivas Ruiz F, De Troya Martín M, Blázquez Sánchez N.

Effect of protocol-related variables and women's characteristics on the cumulative false-positive risk in breast cancer screening

January 01, 2012

R. Román, M. Sala, D. Salas, N. Ascunce, R. Zubizarreta, and X. Castells, Cumulative False Positive Risk Group

Unmet Needs and Waiting List Prioritization for Knee Arthroplasty

March 01, 2010

Comas M, Román R, Quintana JM et al.

Role of musculoskeletal disorders as concurrent chronic conditions: are they underestimated in the discharge?

September 17, 2009

Nuñez M, Sastre S, Vidal M, Jansa M, Nuñez E, Del-Val JL, Ortega R, Hernandez C

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