With the Mobility Programme REDISSEC aims, on the one hand, to give the possibility of increasing the training of the youngest researchers in the Network and, on the other, to give the groups the opportunity to share their lines of work, as well as their most advanced methodologies, all with the aim of generating synergies, promoting the generation of collaborative products, and increasing the potential and visibility of research in health services.

Any of the 14 groups in the Network can host researchers from other Autonomous Regions participating in this mobility programme and, in turn, can also send their members to other groups for training.

The mobility programme is called annually and at the beginning of each year, the Training Commission evaluates the applications received, based on previously established criteria, and decides which ones are to be funded.

The beneficiaries of the grants have the whole year to carry out the stay, after which they have to issue a report with the main results obtained.

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